Client Workbooks

These workbooks help my clients to prepare content for their new website or to continue working on their sales strategy after publishing day.
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How To Find Your USP and Craft Your Value Message

What do you have to offer your clients that your competitors aren’t already giving them? After all, how many coaches or consultants are out there? And yet, each one of them has their own unique selling proposition (USP) that attracts certain clients.

Get tried and tested action items to quickly discover your USP and clearly communicate your value message to your future clients.

Workbook Website Planner

Website Planner - Make Your Website Work for You

With this Website Planner you’ll gain clarity about what you really want your website to do for you. Make sure that you add all the elements needed to successfully sell your services to the clients that match you and your unique offers.

Download this 12-page website planner to create a website that is doing all the hard work of targeted client aquisition for you.

The 10-Step Plan For Writing Blog Posts That Sell

Every blog post is a chance to make a sale or warm someone up to the idea of buying from you. Either way, your blog posts are some of the most important sales tools in your arsenal. But this is only true if you know how to write blogs posts that sell.

How do you craft effective blog posts that sell your coaching or consulting services? Simple: by following this 10-step plan…