Your Website, Your Kingdom

content king
We've all heard the mantra: "Content is king." But let's talk about the kind of royalty we're aiming for – it's not just about volume, it's about value!

True content kings and queens are those whose content delivers real value to their target audience. Remember, content is of added value when it’s genuinely helpful to your specific audience.

So don’t flood your website with content. High-Quality Content is the True Ruler.

Ask Yourself: Does Your Content Measure Up?

  • Does your blog post solve a specific problem?
  • Does your video offer new insights?
  • Is your article educating, entertaining, or inspiring within your field?

If not, it’s time to cut ties!

Don’t let unspecific or outdated content bury your gems.

Your best pieces should shine, easily accessible to visitors. If users can’t spot your brilliance immediately, you’re missing out on great opportunities.

LinkedIn Kits

Let's Recycle Your Best Content

Do you have a whole content library on your website? Blog posts, presentations, articles, teaching material?

Submit your best content and I will create engaging LinkedIn posts for you ready to be published. Tips, quotes, infographics, checklists, carousels, ...

Your existing content provides a trove of valuable insights, expertise, and knowledge. Let’s give it a new life on LinkedIn.