Why Craft A KonMari Experience?

KonMari experience
In website design, our goal is not just to create content but to craft an experience that sparks joy for every visitor. Inspired by the KonMari Clean-up Method, let's think about how to declutter and curate content for a web presence that is calm and delightful!

1. Discard the Non-Essentials:

Just as Marie Kondo encourages us to declutter our homes, we can apply the same principle to our websites. Identify content that no longer serves a purpose or fails to bring joy to your audience. A clutter-free site is a user-friendly site!

2. Organise with Intention:

Marie Kondo emphasises the importance of intentional organisation. Arrange your content in a way that guides visitors seamlessly through your narrative. A well-organised website not only pleases the eye but enhances the overall user experience.

3. Seek Joyful Engagement:

Each piece of content should spark joy or serve a purpose. Ask yourself, does your content solve a problem, provide valuable insights, or inspire your audience? If not, it might be time to bid farewell and make room for content that truly resonates.

4. Refresh and Renew:

Just as seasons change, so should your content. Regularly revisit and refresh your material to keep it relevant and engaging. A dynamic website, like a well-kept home, is a joy to revisit time and again.

5. Thank Your Content:

I know this is not for everyone! But in the KonMari method, expressing gratitude is key. Take a moment to appreciate the content that has served its purpose and bid it farewell gracefully. This not only creates a positive content cycle but also opens doors for new, impactful creations.


By infusing the principles of Marie Kondo, you’re not just creating a website; you’re building a lasting impression. Embrace the art of content curation, and watch your online presence become a source of delight for every visitor!

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