Say No To Superfluous

"Simple can be harder than complex, but it's worth it." - Steve Jobs.

Like Steve Jobs, I believe in the power of simplicity and focus.

Applying this principle to websites, each element, feature, or piece of content should serve a crucial purpose, contributing to a seamless and impactful user experience.

But it is hard to select and let go of elements that don’t serve a purpose anymore. This requires you to continuously refine your website, ensuring it reflects your evolving business.

By saying no to the superfluous and yes to purposeful selection, we can craft an online presence that leaves a lasting imprint to your website visitors.

LinkedIn Kits

Let's Recycle Your Best Content

Do you have a whole content library on your website? Blog posts, presentations, articles, teaching material?

Submit your best content and I will create engaging LinkedIn posts for you ready to be published. Tips, quotes, infographics, checklists, carousels, ...

Your existing content provides a trove of valuable insights, expertise, and knowledge. Let’s give it a new life on LinkedIn.