Yes, You Need Personal Content On Your Website

personal content on website
Personal content on your website is a powerful tool that positions you as a relatable and engaging expert in your field.

But I want to position myself as an expert. Why would I write about personal stuff on my website? Is anyone really interested in reading any personal content?

Certainly, showcasing your expertise to your target audience is paramount. And this usually results in creating what we might term ‘conventional professional content.’ There’s no doubt that such expert posts provide valuable insights to your audience, serving as a testament to your profound knowledge in your field. This is a large part of your personal brand as an expert in your field.

However, this approach has one distinct drawback: The content, while informative, becomes interchangeable. Your competitors might share similar posts, leading to a lack of differentiation.

Personal Content – It’s About YOU

This is precisely where the concept of ‘Personal Content’ comes into play. Because personal branding isn’t just about your expertise – it’s about YOU too!

Especially as a consultant, coach, expert, or teacher – someone whom people will spend time with on a one-on-one basis or in a small group – your personality is part of your service or product. The way you speak, think, your experiences, and opinions – this is what people want to know about you.

Personal content serves as a bridge between the expert and the everyday person. By sharing your personal experiences and thoughts, you humanise your expertise, making it more relatable.

Imagine a finance expert sharing a personal anecdote about their first encounter with managing money. This not only provides a personal approach to money but also demonstrates empathy and understanding – qualities that can often be overshadowed by financial industry jargon.

The true art lies in packaging these narratives in a way that blends personal anecdotes with professional insights: Seemingly trivial events can serve as excellent starting points for a personal story that seamlessly aligns with your goals as a professional. What you need to achieve is weaving a connection between your personal experiences and your expert content.

Personal content is a powerful tool that positions you as an engaging individual. Your target audience gets to know you as a person, fostering a sense of connection and trust, while simultaneously establishing you as an authority in your field. In an age where authenticity is prised, sharing your personal content might just be the key to unlocking your professional success.

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