Does My Popular No-Frills Approach Work For You Too?

Does my popular no-frills approach work for you too?
Where does your No-Frills Approach in website design actually come from, a client recently asked.

This triggered a memory, maybe the origin of my No-Frills Approach.

On a large web project for a German corporation, I was paid extra for “translating” between the IT guys, the sales team and the HR department.

The collaboration had stalled because of their ongoing miscommunication and hostile attitude towards each other.

Everybody was overemphasizing what needed to be accomplished from their specific point of view.

The list got so long that the online platform would never be ready.

They needed me to translate and reconcile their very different approaches.

That was a very long time ago.

But today, I am still the one “in-between”.

I understand the tech without being a tech nerd.

I follow the online marketing gurus from a safe distance.

And I have learned a useful amount of design principles, not restricting myself or my clients.

This has led to my No-Frills Approach which is all about simplicity, practicality, and cost-efficiency.

Finding the right balance in terms of tech, design, budget, and future goals.

Here is an example.

Your website must meet the increasing expectations of your clients in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

However, I also take into consideration how much you enjoy or rather dislike using available automation, sales and marketing tools, creating a website backend that is tailored to you.

Some clients will take over their new website after I have finished.

They love discovering new tools and using them to simplify their online life.

They will also have learned to say “no” to a vast amount of tools they don’t need.

Others will happily leave all the tech stuff with me while enjoying a slimmed-down backend that allows them a super easy way of just publishing their content and dealing with client bookings.

My top priority is an enjoyable collaboration! And finding the right balance for each and every client is key. That is my No-Frills Approach.

Feel free to contact me if you think your current website is letting you and your clients down. Happy to help!

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