Have You Got Topical Authority?

topical authority
Imagine stepping onto a well-designed website, reading a few lines of text on the home page, scrolling through the main navigation, viewing the latest blog posts, – and knowing what it will deliver before you even reach the services page.

That sense of initial trust is what topical authority brings to the table.

Think about a domain like “best-vegan-cooking(.com)”.

On this website, you expect to find information centered on vegan cooking.

And when consuming its high-quality, well-presented content on vegan cooking, you will start to believe what is being said.

You will try your first vegan recipe, download their vegan cooking ebook for beginners, and eventually be ready to book a vegan cooking masterclass.

You will pay for it with confidence because you anticipate that the vegan cooking masterclass will be simply great.

From your personal experiences you have made on this website, it can only be a credible service provider that you can trust.

However, if the same website published an article about holiday destinations in the US, you wouldn’t immediately trust they had the most reliable information.

Our sample website has topical authority on vegan cooking but no credibility on traveling in the US.

Booking a hotel because of their recommendation? You will search somewhere else first. A vegan cooking trip through the US? Maybe.

Credibility on a specific topic is paramount when selling related services.

As a consultant, coach or expert, topical authority acts as emblem of your expertise.

Google rewards your topical authority with higher rankings, amplifying your visibility among potential clients and leading to more sales.

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