Fighting Addition Bias: Why Less Is More In Website Design

less is more in website design - addition bias
Have you ever heard of 'Addition Bias'? It's a cognitive quirk we all have. When confronted with a problem, our first instinct is often to address it by adding more, and this tendency frequently shows up when it comes to your website.

Is your website experiencing low conversion rates? The initial reaction is to add another section or more content to explain your services in a different way. That is addition bias.

Do your prospects seem to be undecided? The knee-jerk response is to flood them with additional videos and more service details. Another response that sounds like addition bias.

Addition bias often leads to website clutter. When you keep adding content and features without a clear strategy, your website can become overwhelming and unfocused. Visitors may struggle to find what they need, leading to a poor user experience.

Adding too many options or choices on a website can overwhelm users with decision fatigue. The more choices they have, the harder it becomes for them to make a decision. It’s essential to streamline and prioritise content and features to guide users effectively.

Consequently, in many cases, subtraction can be the key to success for selling your services online. The solution lies in removing the many content barriers from your website, streamlining it to be user-friendly, free from confusion, and wholly inviting.

Here’s the exciting part: I’m offering a comprehensive website audit for free to combat ‘Addition Bias.’ Together, we’ll identify and eliminate the elements that could be driving potential clients away. Let’s refine your website, optimise its performance, and transform it into an irresistible platform for your consulting or coaching business.

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