Does A Website Need To Be Flawless?

In web design, it's not about one-size-fits-all flawlessness. Make a choice when to go the extra mile.

Perfectionists are accustomed to striving for flawlessness, leaving no room for anything less. This all-or-nothing mindset can categorise work as either exceptional or disastrous. However, there’s a middle ground we often miss. But how do we get there? The so-called ‘good enough’ mindset can be tough for perfectionists to embrace.

Enter selective perfectionism – knowing when to go the extra mile and when it’s unnecessary. To strike a balance between the pursuit of perfection and practicality.

So before a task, map out:

  • the maximum effort you could invest,
  • the minimum acceptable level,
  • and a sensible compromise between the two extremes.

This approach breaks your all-or-nothing cycle.

Choosing the right level depends on the task. Some need max effort, some can settle for min, and many thrive in the middle.

Making that choice is a liberation and works like an antidote to perfectionism.

As a creator of client websites, my commitment is to deliver nothing short of perfection.

But it’s not about one-size-fits-all flawlessness. It’s about understanding what level of tech and functionality your website users expect and need.

Some websites thrive on maximum effort, while others function well with the minimum, and many flourish in the middle ground.

Making these decisions lets you work out the optimum effort and select a suitable level of perfectionism.

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