Creating Something Simple And Memorable Is A Remarkable Achievement

simple and memorable
Finding a simple and memorable business name or website URL is something you should value.

A while ago, I was part of a wonderful team that created a new HR online platform.

We were in the flow, swiftly developing the overall concept and creating the main brand elements (name, logo, and URL), which were both simple and memorable—a winning combination.

The top-level management loved it too, unofficially, I would say. Yet, they insisted on inviting a renowned marketing agency to handle the development of the name, logo, and URL.

Eventually, a very polished-looking agency team joined us for a three-day structured brainstorming process. At the final presentation, numerous ideas for platform names, URLs, and logo designs were showcased to around 250 employees who cast their votes in an equally sophisticated voting process.

Simple And Memorable Always Wins

Surprisingly, or maybe not that surprisingly, our original idea emerged as the clear winner due to its simplicity and memorability—echoing the sentiments of the majority.

This experience has left a mark on me and significantly influenced my preference for what I call a no-frills approach. I firmly believe that creating something simple and memorable is a remarkable achievement. And one should be grateful for it because it doesn’t always come that easy.

Sometimes you need to spend a big budget and involve lots of people – but at other times, what you have come up with is just as great. So ask yourself just one question if you are not sure about it: Is it simple and memorable?

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