Click Here … Seriously?

click here is a thing of the past
One seemingly innocuous phrase that has persisted over the years is 'Click Here.' However, it's time to bid farewell to this outdated call to action, as there are far more exciting and promising ways to encourage user engagement.

The idea that ‘Click Here’ is ineffective may come as a surprise to some, but let’s break it down.

Firstly, many users tend to skim over the text surrounding a link, so the clickable text must convey its purpose independently.

Secondly, the phrase ‘Click Here’ is, well, redundant. People are aware that a different colour or an underlined format typically indicates a link. But make sure that your are consistent in your design. Users need to instinctively know that everything in a specific colour is clickable and sidestep the confusion created by underlining non-clickable text…

Rather than opting for the mundane ‘Click Here,’ provide a compelling incentive. For instance, “Get More Clients Fast” is far more motivating. By addressing a direct benefit, you pique the user’s interest and increase the likelihood of them clicking on your link.

Another cardinal rule of web copy is to be clear about where a link leads. Instead of ‘Click Here’ that offers no indication, provide a destination. For example, if your link directs users to a service page, you could say, “Explore My Coaching Services”. Clarity builds trust and encourages users to click.

‘Click Here’ is a relic of the past, and it’s high time we replaced it with more exciting and promising alternatives.

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