Tested: Can AI Website Builders Create My Website?

AI website builders
Recently, new AI website builders claiming to construct entire sites have emerged. Despite my enthusiasm for AI tools, I found them disappointingly lacking.

Ever tried a DIY website builder only to end up feeling frustrated? TV commercials and Facebook ads make it seem like building a professional website is a breeze, but the truth is, it’s never simple. Without some web design skills, you’re likely to sacrifice weekend after weekend and still end up with a website that falls short of your expectations. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen too many times. To be honest, about a third of my clients have approached me to help finishing their WIX, IONOS or Squarespace website. And while I am happy to do that, quite often I shared their frustration.

Lately, new AI website builders have been emerging. These are not mere AI assistants but rather full software solutions that promise to construct an entire website on your behalf. As someone who appreciates various AI tools, I decided to put them to the test, hoping to find a superior solution compared to the well-established do-it-yourself kits.

However, even with my professional background and being able to use suitable prompts, the results were below par, mainly because you can’t easily access and change what the AI website builders have created for you. It is all quite static and the template elements look rather misplaced. Surely, there will be better tools in the near future that use AI to create a great website, but we’re not quite there yet I am afraid.

In short, if you don’t want to spend beautiful summer days figuring out how to make AI do what you want to see, let a human with much better communication skills take over and avoid the headaches.

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