Website In A Week

Creating a website can easily turn into a never-ending story. I offer fixed-price modules and pre-booked time slots. That way project scope, budget and timeline are clearly defined.

Website in a Week - Web Design for Coaches

There Is A Reason Why You Are Here

Your current website is letting you down. No traffic, no enquiries.

A (re)launch into the new online world is long overdue.

You are starting out and quickly need a website that helps you make it.

You tried hard with website DIY kits but the tech stuff simply isn’t for you.

Now, what if you could

have a stunning website up and running within a week?

proudly show your new website knowing that your clients will love it?

trust that your website actually wins you new clients?

be at peace with tech, GDPR, SEO, and everything else?

have it all without breaking the bank?

Let's Make It Happen!

I have been designing websites and crafting content for 20+ years. With my straightforward and budget-friendly process, I’ll create for you a professional website that truly reflects you and your consulting, coaching or teaching business but also gets the sales aspects right – in a non-sleazy way (in case you worry :-)).

From an eye-catching starting page with an authentic core message and strategic call-to-action to convenient session scheduling and future-proofed list-building to SEO, GDPR, Cookie Banner and responsiveness (meaning that your website appears correctly on smartphones too) – all can be done within a week.

And this is how:

to see if we are a match (video call)

Booking of a 1-week time slot (contract and deposit)

First Briefing (questionnaire)

  • copy (About, Services, Client Testimonials…)
  • portrait pictures (professional and high-resolution)
  • logo files
  • plus anything you would like to see on your new website (e.g. blog posts, a video etc.)

There will be a checklist with lots of advice.

to review your pre-work, fill gaps and discuss layout and design

  • Design and creation of all pages, basic editing of copy and headlines, sourcing of images, set-up functionality

  • Client feedback: You will get a link to view the pages

  • 1-2 revisions

  • Client approval and final payment

A few days later and after the final payment is received:

  • Publishing and transfer of site ownership

  • Client tutorial: How to keep your new website updated

Creating a website can easily turn into a never-ending story. I offer a fixed price and pre-booked time slots. That way project scope, budget and timeline are clearly defined.

This is included:

Fully functional website, suitable for coaches, trainers, consultants and other service-based businesses.

  • 1 design (as discussed in the Kick-off Call)
  • Starting page and 3 subpages (e.g. About, Services, Client Testimonials)
  • Blog with up to 3 added blog posts
  • 1 contact form or sign-up form
  • Integration of booking schedule and payment, if required
  • Legal pages (using online tools to set up Privacy Policy, Cookie Banner, GDPR requirements in forms,…)
  • Web optimised images
  • Light copy editing
  • Call-to-actions
  • Basic on-site SEO
  • Responsiveness for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Publishing and domain transfer if required
  • 1:1 session about how to maintain your new website

£995 / €1200

N.B. Small monthly charges will occur for website hosting, your domain, scheduling tools, online payment provider and GDPR tools.

A website is a “living object” and needs regular maintenance, from updating plugins to readjusting SEO and GDPR to adding new content.

For a small monthly fee, I am more than happy to maintain your website longterm for you so that you don’t need to worry about any tech stuff at all and your website remains in good shape. Or I can offer you a 1:1 client tutorial to learn how to be fully in charge of your own website after our collaboration.

There are lots of people out there who need your professional help. Every day they don’t know about you is another day they can’t reach out to you.

So, let’s get you visible online quickly! It starts with one simple step right here!

Workflow Website in a week

Website in a Week is RIGHT for you, if ...

It's NOT the right choice for you, if ...

There Is Social Media, Do I Still Need A Website?

This is a frequently asked question. And it certainly won’t surprise you that I always answer with a heartfelt “yes!” But let me share with you at least 5 good reasons why a professionally designed website will make all the difference to the growth of your business.

People Need To Find You

You may gain followers on social media. But this is not where people will buy services like consulting, coaching or teaching straightaway. They may sign up for a freebie or ask you a question, they will get to know you better and start liking you. But before they pay you a serious amount of money, they will want to learn some more facts. And your professional website is what they will be looking for. They want to double-check and find out more about you. A legitimate business has a fully functional website is what they think. If they can’t find a website to check you out, they will lose trust and might hesitate to buy from you.

Get A Lot Of Data

Your website analytics will tell you a lot about your audience and how well your offers are perceived. The data collected will show you which pages are visited the most or ignored and what people are mostly searching for. You can also collect metrics on when and how people buy something and which pages or offers convert best. All this provides valuable information when developing your online marketing strategy further.

It Works For You 24/7

Only on your website can people “spend some time with you” 24/7 and without distraction. They can have a look around, book a discovery call and tell you a bit about themselves by filling in your questionnaire. Your website will send them emails back that create trust, even a desire to buy your services. All this happens before you even have to invest some of your own time into a personal call.

Your Website Shows It All

On social media, people can only see a snippet of who you are and what you do. And they quickly get distracted by all the other people shouting at them “Here, look at me!” Your website, however, showcases your full expertise, reflects your personality, your values and believes when working as a coach, trainer or consultant, and it presents everything you have on offer. From strategic service pages to success stories to convincing blog posts, entertaining podcast episodes or a selection of helpful resources, your website keeps everything in one place and allows people to take it all in at their own pace.

SEO Expands Your Reach

Only Google and other search engines will send people your way that aren’t already in your personal referral or social media network. Don’t forget, all social media algorithms only connect you with people that are in one way or another similar to who you know already. Your website is the only digital place that you actually own and can optimise so that other clients find you. Website SEO expands your reach.

Ready to make things happen?

We spend our time posting on social media but that’s not where people go first when they have a problem. They google it. They want a solution at their fingertips and they want to check it out before buying. And this is what  your professional website will offer them.