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topical authority

Have You Got Topical Authority?

Imagine stepping onto a well-designed website, reading a few lines of text on the home page, scrolling through the main navigation, viewing the latest blog posts, – and knowing what it will deliver before you even reach the services page.

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content first

Content Comes First, Website Design Second

Your content and your website’s design are symbiotic elements, each playing a distinct role in the user experience. The design serves the presentation of your content because what users actually consume on your website will be in the form of words, videos, or audio.

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Done By One

‘Done By One’not only makes my workday efficient but also eases the transition from work to family life.

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KonMari experience

Why Craft A KonMari Experience?

In website design, our goal is not just to create content but to craft an experience that sparks joy for every visitor. Inspired by the KonMari Clean-up Method, let’s think about how to declutter and curate content for a web presence that is calm and delightful!

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digital safety website security

6+1 Digital Safety Tips For New Website Owners

As viruses, malware, and hacking attempts continue to rise, it becomes increasingly essential to protect your digital life, including not only your personal accounts but also your website if you happen to own one. Here are some digital safety tips for new website owners.

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content king

Your Website, Your Kingdom

We’ve all heard the mantra: “Content is king.” But let’s talk about the kind of royalty we’re aiming for – it’s not just about volume, it’s about value!

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click here is a thing of the past

Click Here … Seriously?

One seemingly innocuous phrase that has persisted over the years is ‘Click Here.’ However, it’s time to bid farewell to this outdated call to action, as there are far more exciting and promising ways to encourage user engagement.

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