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Here is a list of web tools that help my clients build their online presence, refine their sales strategy and grow their online consulting, coaching or teaching business. I wouldn’t and don’t recommend anything I haven’t used myself or that some of my clients are succcessfully using for their businesses.

Headline Studio

If content is part of your online sales strategy, then check out Headline Studio. Use this tool to improve the effectiveness of your written headlines regarding SEO as well as using emotional or so called power words that instantly make your content more attractive. 


Canva* is an easy-to-learn graphic design tool that allows you to create social media visuals, presentations, pdfs and so much more. No expensive Adobe software required. For high quality stock images within your designs, use the reasonably priced Pro version.


Feedly is newsreader tool that helps you select content to share on social media. Follow your favourite topics and sources, gather all of the content in one place, and find content that you want to use or share. You can also have Feedly seek the content you wouldn’t find on your own.


Missinglettr* is a social media tool that helps you grow your inbound traffic through automated social media drip campaigns. After a bit of set up work, it will detect your content automatically and add it to a library to be dripped out over time to your social media channels.


There are hundreds of email marketing tools out there. MailerLite caught my eye because of its userfriendly dashboard. It also helps you stay GDPR compliant plus the verification and authentification tools keep your emails safe from spamfolders.


There are many key word search tools, and many are more famous than this one. But KeySearch is easy to use and comes with a more affordable price tag. Use KeySearch to find the right keywords for your business, then write matching content and let google do the rest.


AppSumo* is a platform that you should know. Whenever you are thinking about a "problem" of your growing coaching or consulting business, AppSumo might have just the right software for you and at a great price too. AppSumo got all the tools you might need to grow and scale.


asana is a very popular tool for teams working on projects. However, the free version is also great for solopreneurs to organise their tasks and stay on top of things. There are a lot of really useful features that will help you become more productive and efficient on a daily basis.


Plan and publish your content for all your social media channels from one simple dashboard. Scheduling will ensure that you are posting regularily and consistently, which is the prerequisite for more reach. With Buffer you get a great scheduling tool and useful analytics.

Affiliate Notice: For some of the here listed services, I am an affiliate (marked with an asteriks). This means that I get a small commission when you purchase a product through my website.

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