Growing Online Business

Are you outgrowing your website? Do you need more functionality, more space for your content and a more targeted way to win new clients online? Then a bespoke online business project offers you unlimited options.

Expand Your Website Into An Online Business

Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy

growing business Bespoke Website

Make Selling Your Services Online A Priority

Benefit From Tailored Automation Processes

Let's grow your Online Business

After reviewing where you currently are and where you want to be, we will co-create a web presence that is strategically designed for every aspect of your growing consulting, coaching or teaching business. We will develop a triad of structure, visual appearance and content that reflects your multifaceted expertise and your unique future offers.

Now is the time to focus on clients you really want to work with. We will develop a more targeted approach with benefits-driven copy, clear call-to-actions and essential keywords so that Google sends you anyone who is really looking for what you are offering.

Background tech, website functionality and automated processes will define the many new ways you acquire clients online and serve them over time.

Depending on your future goals, we’ll look at Content Marketing and Blog Writing to increase your topic authority in your niche. And we will set up an Email Marketing Tool plus Lead Magnet, ensuring a consistent stream of new leads.

Thanks to my intercultural background, I can also offer you valuable support in expanding your global reach. Our collaboration could involve developing a multilingual online business that aligns with the specific cultural preferences of your target markets.

And this is how:

to see if we are a match (video call)

Briefing to define your goals and what website functionality can support you on the way (e.g. booking schedules, online payment, shop system, gated content or member content, mailing lists, newsletter, email sequences, email marketing, client management, automation …).

Quote, contract and deposit

  • basic copy (about you, your services, client testimonials, offers…)
  • portrait pictures (professional and high-resolution)
  • logo files, branding details
  • plus anything you would like to see on your new website (e.g. blog posts, videos, courses, paid content etc.)

to learn more about you and your work, clarify your goals, target clients, sales strategy, design visions and website functionality

  • Audit of existing content, products and services.

  • Refresh of your existing brand kit or creation of a new one (logo, colours, fonts, wording)

  • Development of Services and Products to sell online.

  • Co-writing to achieve copy that is in your authentic voice, exhibits your USP and establishs your authority status, but also includes all the important sales aspects. We will finetune your core message and branding plus do a profound keyword research.
  • Wireframe of website structure
  • 2-3 design mock-ups to choose from
  • Creation of all pages, sourcing of images, set-up of functionality
  • Final editing of all copy
  • SEO optimisation in the backend
  • Integration of tools to cover GDPR and other legal requirements.
  • Client feedback: At each stage you will get a link to view the pages and give feedback in a call.
  • Strategy Calls (Power Hours) to develop your online business further. We’ll talk about content marketing, blog writing, SEO strategies, social media activities, promotions, client journey and onboarding process plus anything that is on your agenda
  • Set up of an Email Marketing Tool – start email marketing to have a steady inflow of potential new clients in the future
  • Ready-made Social Media Posts
  • Online assets such as a lead magnet
  • Website edits when your business is developing further, e.g. advertising, pop-ups, more functionality to automate the client journey
  • Technical support with other online tools you might need further down the road (e.g. client management, invoicing, content curation etc.)
  • Support with Google and SEO
  • Statistics and evaluations, what works well, what needs to be adjusted

Bespoke projects start at £6,000/€6,500 and take several weeks depending on your requirements and choices.

N.B. Small monthly charges might occur for website hosting, your domain, specialist apps, and GDPR tools.

A website is a “living object” and needs regular maintenance, from updating plugins to readjusting SEO and GDPR to adding new content.

For a small monthly fee, I am more than happy to maintain your website longterm for you so that you don’t need to worry about any tech stuff at all and your website remains in good shape. Or I can offer you a 1:1 client tutorial to learn how to be fully in charge of your own website after our collaboration.

Turn your expertise into a flourishing online business and transform the way you serve your clients!

Web design isn’t just about how a website looks but how it works for you! We take every aspect of your growing business into consideration.

A Bespoke Website That Can Do More

Membership Sites

If you have content that you would like to offer as added value, a membership site is a great choice. Basically, it’s gated content that only members (clients, subscribers) can access. Memberships can be all free or paid subscriptions on a tiered system. You can present all your content at once or implement a drip-system, meaning that members see fresh content in regular intervalls after starting their individual learning journey.

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a targeted online journey clients take from the first touch-point to the final purchase. It takes time to set up but once the optimisation is completed, selling content and programs online will be fully automated. We will define a value ladder of offers and create a sales process that includes social media ads, landing pages and email sequences. Please note that I follow ethical marketing standards, so no sneaky sales techniques.


Would you like to serve more clients but also have more free time at your hands? Turning your knowledge into your own courses is the answer! And if you think about it further, you might even have a lot of content already that can be used. We review your existing material and explore what more is needed to make a sellable course. Then we select a suitable eLearning platform to create and host your courses.