7 Hacks To Make Your Website Work Harder For Your Coaching Or Consulting Business

Website Work Harder

If your website isn’t bringing you more clients, then some fundamental issues might need addressing. Usually, content overload, design failures and a lack of usability are the three main reasons why a website is underperforming. Here are seven easy hacks to make your website work harder for the growth and success of your coaching or consulting business.

How To Start With Strategic Email Marketing – For Coaches And Consultants

Strategic Email Marketing

Your coaching or consulting business relies on quality lead generation, because for coaches and consultants, effective marketing is less about quickly amassing followers on social media and more about slowly turning qualified leads into long-term clients. So, building relationships with your audience over time is essential for you. And this is exactly what you can achieve with strategic email marketing. Here is how to get started with email marketing as a coach or consultant.

7 Blog Posts To Show Your Expertise And Personality

blog posts expertise personality

For coaches and consultants who like to write, blogging is a great way to gain new clients. But you should do it strategically so that you can enjoy it. When I discuss how I intend to build my clients’ blogs, I usually start by distinguishing between expert articles and personal posts. And why using the right combination is so crucial.

SEO Optimisation Strategies For Coaches And Consultants

seo optimisation strategies for coaches and consultants

Would you like to know how you can get potential clients to visit your website, read your content, and contact you without paying for the leads? SEO optimisation strategies for coaches and consultants is the answer.

This How-to Guide will discuss SEO and keyword optimisation from a coach or consultant’s perspective, including what it is, why you need it, how to do it, and what tools are the best to get started asap. If there are any questions left, please get in touch! Happy to help!

Turn Your Blog Into Your Most Valuable Online Marketing Asset

blog marketing asset

Really? Shouldn’t you rather start a podcast or YouTube channel these days? If you ask a YouTuber, the answer would be “yes, definitely”. A podcaster might hesitate and opt for a diplomatic “maybe both is good”.

But let me share with you at least 6 excellent reasons why a blog can serve you much better than many other digital formats when thinking about building your online presence.

7 Core Elements To Create A Great Consultant’s Website

consutant's website

A professional website can make the difference that swings client decisions in your favour. No matter if you establish the first contact with a prospect at a face-to-face local networking event or online through LinkedIn, many prospective clients will use your website to decide whether to trust you with their business or not.

So, make sure that you leverage your professional consultant’s website to convey your unique strengths, build your authority status, and convince clients to hire you because of your innovative solutions to their problems. Here is a checklist of 7 core elements that make a great consultant’s website.

5 Steps To Define Your Dream Clients And Position Yourself

dream clients

The most challenging side of running a successful coaching or consulting business is finding clients. A stunning website, social media activities or a smoothly running sales funnel most certainly accelerate the client acquisition process. However, to get the returns you deserve, you will need to attract clients that are a perfect match for you and what you offer.

That is why I encourage you to invest some time in defining your “dream client” so that we can position your services accordingly. Yes, you do have a choice of who you want to work with! And this 5-step-template will help you to define just that! I can’t wait to hear your results!

Photo Shooting And/Or Choosing A Colour Palette

photo shooting colour palette

Websites with oversized portrait photography are very much on-trend. And if you are a natural in front of a camera, that’s great! A series of professional portraiture images that show you in action when coaching or consulting is a fantastic way to demonstrate who you are and how you work. When creating your new website, your pictures will lead the way.

However, if a photo shooting is not your sort of thing or you believe that your new website should be all about your coaching or consulting and less about how you look, that is absolutely fine too! A distinctive colour scheme and some amazing stock images can equally well reflect your personality and your core message. Learn all about your different options in this article.

30 Benefits-Driven Headlines That Spice Up Your Blog Posts

benefit-driven headlines b

Blog writing is a great tool to win over future clients. In a longer piece of writing, prospects can get to know you a little bit better. They can read about who you are, what you think and how you work. If they like what you are sharing in your blog posts, they will hit the contact button with more confidence. Blog articles are also liked by google. If using the right keywords, search engines might show your blog post in the top 10 search results for potential clients to see.

However, being in the top 10 still doesn’t mean that people will click and read your post. You still need to win against the other 9+ search results that are out there. What really draws potential clients to your blog post is a headline that promises a solution to their problem. So while your writing should be in your authentic voice, the headline should focus on delivering the benefits. Here are some templates that will make writing good headlines for your blog posts a breeze.

10 Easy Steps To Write Persuasive Sales Copy That Attracts Clients

persuasive sales copy website

Most of my clients find writing copy that is in their authentic voice, reflects their personality but also sells their services the most challenging part of their pre-work for a new website. I encourage you to invest some time in writing your own copy.

It’s your strongest tool to convert prospects into clients. Crafting each and every sentence is essential to make your copy help you achieve your goals. I hope that my short guide makes this challenging job a lot easier for you. And if not, please just ask. I am more than happy to help!

The 5 C’s Of A Profitable Coach Website

Profitable Coach Website

Before starting the design process of a new website, you should have objectives and strategies in place. What is your website supposed to do for you as a coach or consultant? What outcomes are you expecting? And how can you reach your goals?

Over the years, I have developed a checklist that I call the 5 C’s of a profitable Coach website. Here they are, Clarity, Connection, Content, Capture and Conversion.