How To Show Thought Leadership on Your Website

thought leadership on your website

Thought leadership is a crucial aspect of building a strong online presence, especially for consultants, coaches and educators looking to establish themselves as the number one go-to person in their respective field.

11 Red Flags That Your Website Needs A Redesign

With the tech world never standing still and online habits constantly changing, your business website isn’t something that can be done once and for all. If you want your website to bring you more clients, you’ll need to evaluate its performance, functionality, and content regularly.

6 Strategies To Keep Visitors On Your Website

keep visitors on your website

According to research, people stay on a website for only an average of 15 seconds. They are used to accessing information quickly and become impatient if they can’t get answers fast. This has led to a culture of immediacy, where attention spans are rapidly diminishing. And that’s why someone can click on your website and be gone within seconds if your content lacks the “sticky” factor.

7 Hacks To Make Your Website Work Harder For Your Coaching Or Consulting Business

Website Work Harder

If your website isn’t bringing you more clients, then some fundamental issues might need addressing. Usually, content overload, design failures and a lack of usability are the three main reasons why a website is underperforming. Here are seven easy hacks to make your website work harder for the growth and success of your coaching or consulting business.

How To Start With Strategic Email Marketing – For Coaches And Consultants

Strategic Email Marketing

Your coaching or consulting business relies on quality lead generation, because for coaches and consultants, effective marketing is less about quickly amassing followers on social media and more about slowly turning qualified leads into long-term clients. So, building relationships with your audience over time is essential for you. And this is exactly what you can achieve with strategic email marketing. Here is how to get started with email marketing as a coach or consultant.

7 Blog Posts To Show Your Expertise And Personality

blog posts expertise personality

For coaches and consultants who like to write, blogging is a great way to gain new clients. But you should do it strategically so that you can enjoy it. When I discuss how I intend to build my clients’ blogs, I usually start by distinguishing between expert articles and personal posts. And why using the right combination is so crucial.