More About Me

I am a web and content creator with 20+ years of experience in the consultancy industry. My work is strategic, not just pretty. And I speak to you in plain English (or German if you prefer) when talking tech.

strategic web design

Strategic Talk

The work I do is strategic, not just beautiful. Creating a new website can trigger a lot. It quickly leads to the question of what to sell how, it will prompt you to sharpen your message, redefine your offers, and decide who you really want to serve. Because I have worked in the consultancy industry for 20+ years, I am not just your web designer but also a strategic thinking partner!

effective web design

Effective Results

Building a website yourself can quickly lead to overloaded pages. And you’re losing potential clients by confusing them. I make websites with a clear structure, an intentional client journey and targeted call-to-actions. Quite often I reduce content so that the website is less cluttered and works more effectively because clients can find what they are looking for.

no frills web design

No Frills-Approach

Most of my clients have experienced tech-overwhelm or spent a fortune on large web agencies - feeling quite ignored and powerless. Whether you opt for Website in a Week, a bespoke online business project or support to build your online presence: my approach is “no-frills” which leads to a balanced choice of tech tools, client empowerment and a more relaxed online life.

The Present

On a large web project for a German corporate a long time ago, I was paid extra for “translating” between the IT guys, the sales team and the HR department. The collaboration had stalled because of their ongoing miscommunication and hostile attitude towards each other.

Today, I am still the one “in-between”. I understand the tech without being a tech nerd, I follow the online marketing gurus from a safe distance, and I have learned a useful amount of design principles.

What I love most is to connect with my clients who have their unique way of working as a consultant, coach, expert or educator, and to apply my deep understanding of the industry to their benefit when creating their state-of-the-art website.

My top priority is an enjoyable collaboration! And a website that truly reflects my client’s expertise and personality, selling their services because of that.

"It is so much pleasure to work with you. I am very grateful to have your ideas, your support and the experience of a wonderful partnership."
Dr. Bernd Scharbert
Support and Mentoring for Executives
"Your work is so professional, and the designs really resonate with my clients! I would recommend anyone to you!"
Lisa Patti
Voice Coach, C3Speech
"Having you as a sparring partner and benefiting from your expertise was tremendously helpful in this ongoing process of restructuring my website."
"Katrin is an incredible web designer. She listens carefully, she is creative but at the same time sales-focused, so she always knows what needs to be done next to make my business thrive."
Johannes Klemeyer
Strategische Vertriebsberatung
"Thank you so much for your tireless efforts ... and as always in record speed!!! It is simply great to work with you."
Dr Philip Wenger, Markus Lorch
Managing Partners, expertalis GmbH
"I am very happy with my new website! The one-pager layout is exactly what I had in mind and the design perfectly matches Advansens' brand identity."
Armin Wellhöfer
Founder, Advansens GmbH

The Back Story

I started my career at a leading newspaper in Frankfurt, Germany, where I experienced the buzz of the paper’s very first web launch in 2001. A few years later, I opened my own web and content creation business in Munich, working with consultants, psychologists, coaches and other service-based businesses.

As a web content partner, I developed an award-winning HR online portal for a client in the consultancy industry, and also relaunched an online platform for an intercultural trainings firm. What followed was the publication of a book & elearning series on international business communication.

In 2019, I co-founded crossculture2go, which began as a specialist global business coaching platform and now specialises in international sales training. Here too, web and content design, strategy, eLearning, SEO, branding as well as online marketing are my daily business.

Since 2008, I live with my family in the Thames Valley, one of the leading tech hubs in the UK, close to London, Oxford, Winchester, the New Forest and the beautiful South Coast. I maintain strong relations with my friends and clients both in Europe and Southeast Asia.

I hold a degree in International Cultural & Business Studies as well as in Organisational Psychology. During my years at the newspaper, I also qualified as an editor.

“My thanks go to Katrin Prakoonwit. She was always able to set the sails and stay the course.”
Zeina Matar, Intercultural Communication Coach & Trainer

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my editor Katrin Prakoonwit. With her expertise and great feeling for language and culture, she accompanied the process of creating this book and was always available to give me advice and support.”
Alexandra Metzger, Intercultural Consultant, Trainer and Coach

“Many thanks to Katrin Prakoonwit for her suggestions and language skills with which she skillfully guided me through this project.”
Eugeniya Weber, Intercultural Trainer, Speaker, Interpreter, Author

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Katrin Prakoonwit for her excellent support, her clear line and the good and pleasant cooperation, without which this project could not have been realised.”
Markus Hasenfratz, Management Consultant, Gerardo Müller Alban, Intercultural Trainer

“Many thanks to Katrin Prakoonwit, who gave this book its professional polish.”
Julia Fellinger, German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Oslo

“To Ms Prakoonwit, for her always kind and very competent guidance a big thank you.”
Isabelle Demangeat, Intercultural Trainer, Consultant and Coach

Create like an artist.
Solve like an engineer.
Act like an entrepreneur.

Why Work With Me?

#1 - Personalised Approach:
I take the time to understand you and your consultancy or coaching business.

#2 - Industry Knowledge:
I leverage my industry knowledge to create a website that positions you as a trusted go-to consultant or coach in your field.

#3 - Sales-Driven Layout:
I design websites with a strategic focus on driving conversions and generating leads, maximising your sales potential.

#4 - Presenting Your Content:
I showcase your content in the best possible way so that it "speaks" to your ideal clients in your authentic voice.

#5 - Consultancy-Specific Features:
I add features that facilitate your work, e.g. automations or scheduling.

#6 -No Tech Overwhelm:
My approach is “no-frills” which leads to a balanced choice of tech tools, client empowerment and a relaxed online life.

#7 - Mobile-Friendly Design:
I ensure that your website is fully optimised for mobile devices, maximising accessibility.

#8 - SEO Optimisation:
I optimise your website for search engines, ensuring that your business is visible to potential clients who are searching for services like yours.

#9 - Analytics and Conversion Tracking:
I set up analytic tools to provide you with valuable insights into your website's performance.

#10 - GDPR, Privacy and Security:
Through my agency accounts, I can provide you with reliable tools for all legal requirements.

#11 - Content Design:
I can provide you with social media templates and marketing assets that match your website's design.

#12 – And you can always talk to me! I value your input and ensure open communication throughout the design process, involving you in key decisions and incorporating your feedback to create the website you are envisioning.