Showcase Your Expertise & Personality And Sell Your Services Because Of That.

I create websites that are strategic, intentional and authentic. My focus is always on your expertise & personality, both crucial aspects of building a powerful online presence. This is vital for consultants, coaches, educators and experts who want to present themselves as the trusted go-to professionals in their respective fields and sell their services online.

Fulfilling Your Clients' Growing Expectations.

With online habits constantly changing, your website’s design and functionality need to fulfill the growing expectations of potential clients. It isn’t just about how great your website looks but how it feels to use too.

No-Tech-Overwhelm & No-Frills Approach .

My “no-frills” approach leads to a balanced choice of tech and an easy-to-use backend. I take into consideration how much you enjoy or rather dislike using available sales, marketing and SEO tools.

20+ Years In The Consultancy Industry.

Creating a new website can trigger a lot. It will prompt you to sharpen your message and redefine your offers. With 20+ years in the consultancy industry, I am also your strategic thinking partner.

Website In A Week

Get your new website out into the world within a week. Enjoy a painless, fast and budget-friendly process.

I create a professional website for you that truly reflects who you are and what you do but at the same time gets all the tech and sales aspects right – in a non-sleazy way. Website In A Week is an intense and very structured process for consultants, coaches, experts & educators that leads to great results in a very short period of time.

Website in a Week - Web Design for Coaches
growing business Bespoke Website

Growing Business website

Let’s co-create a web presence that is strategically designed for every aspect of your growing/changing consulting business.

Are you outgrowing your current website? Do you need more functionality, more space for your content and a more targeted way to win new clients? Then a bespoke project offers you unlimited options. Now is the time to develop your consulting, coaching or teaching business further.

Social Media Templates

In the noisy social media world, your content needs to be scroll-stopping and consistent.

So if you need a little boost, then check out my new Social Media Kits! Get a choice of professionally designed templates for specific social media assets – posts, lead magnets, workbooks, presentation slides, and more – directly into your Canva account.

First Year Online Booster

If you are starting out, speed is of the essence to find paying clients through online marketing.

After we got your website up and running, I will stay on board for a full year so that we can build your brand and online presence. We will develop your online marketing strategy and social media activities to quickly find clients for your new consulting, coaching or teaching business.

This Is What My Clients Experienced Before Working With Me:

#1 - I pay for a website builder (WIX, IONOS, Squarespace,...) but never reach launch day. It looked so easy at first but soon got really tricky. After a tech-drama weekend, I gave up.

#2 - My current website looks great but I never had a single enquiry from it. It’s a sleeping beauty I would say.

#3 - Selling online feels sleazy. I am super at what I do but find it difficult to sell my services.

#4 - No one even finds my website.

#6 - I bought online marketing programs For Coaches on Facebook. They promised the world but nothing worked for me.

#5 - I want a professional looking website but what I have got so far is below standard. I am not sending people to my website.

#7 - I have spent a fortune on web design agencies. But they are not really interested in who I am, what I do and what I need.

#8 - I get enquiries from people I actually don't want to work with.

#9 - I don't want to learn all the tech stuff you need to know nowadays to get a strong web presence.

#10 - I need more than a web designer. A sparring partner who knows how to develop an online business would be great.

It’s time to change track! Let me create a website that is perfect for you and your online business. No more struggling. No more wasting time and money. No more false promises and online hype.

Hi There, I am Katrin,

a web and content creator with 20+ years experience in the consultancy industry. My work is strategic, not just pretty. And I speak to you in plain English (or German if preferred) when talking tech.

What I love most is to connect with my clients who have their unique way of working as a consultant, coach, expert or educator, and to apply my deep understanding of the consulting industry to their benefit when creating their state-of-the-art website and online consulting business.

Most of my clients have been in business for many years but now feel the need to change direction or upgrade the way they work online. Some tried to use DIY website kits and experienced the total tech-overwhelm, others felt let down by larger web agencies. And quite a few find it difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing online world.

My approach is “no-frills” which leads to a balanced choice of tech and design, budget-friendly packages and the exact level of client empowerment that is desired. I aim for an enjoyable collaboration to create a website that truly reflects your expertise as well as your personality – and sells your services because of that. 

Create like an artist. Solve like an engineer. Act like an entrepreneur.

New How-To-Guides

All my best tips for consultants, coaches, experts & educators who want to successfully sell their services online.