Get A No-Frills Website That Sells Your Expertise

I create websites that are strategic, intentional and authentic. My focus is always on your expertise and your personality, both crucial aspects of building a compelling online identity. Empowering consultants, experts, coaches, and educators to sell their knowledge-based services online.

Your Web Designer & Sparring Partner.

Launching a new website triggers transformation, prompting you to sharpen your message, select the most relevant content or redefine your offers. With 25 years in the consultancy industry, I am also your strategic thinking partner, helping you to develop your online presence.

Meeting Your Clients' Growing Expectations.

With online habits ever-evolving, your website’s design and functionality need to fulfill the growing expectations of potential clients. However, contrary to many web agencies I refrain from overdesigning and focus on your values.

No Tech-Overwhelm For You, I Promise.

My “no-frills” approach also leads to a balanced choice of tech and automation. I take into consideration how much you enjoy or rather dislike using available tools, creating the ideal website backend for you.

Website Quick Launch

Get your new website out into the world within a few days. Enjoy a painless, fast and budget-friendly process.

I craft a professional website that authentically represents you and your expertise, all while ensuring a seamless blend of tech and sales elements. Website Quick Launch is an intensive, well-structured process built on pre-designed elements, delivering exceptional results within a remarkably short timeframe. It comes with a clearly defined project scope and budget.

Website !uick Launch - Web Design for experts

LinkedIn Templates

In the noisy LinkedIn world, your content needs to be scroll-stopping and consistent.

Access a range of tailor-made templates for visuals, infographics, carousels, presentation slides, and more. These templates are seamlessly integrated into your Canva account or a similar tool, allowing you to create content swiftly and effortlessly. Every post you share will exude professionalism.

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

Get a monthly supply of ready-made LinkedIn posts that help you stand out from the crowd.

I’ll ghostwrite your LinkedIn posts in your authentic voice, complemented by on-brand graphics. Together, we’ll methodically build your LinkedIn identity as the go-to expert in your field. Distinguish yourself from the crowd and let your expertise and personality shine through every single post.

Katrin Prakoonwit

Hello and welcome!

I am Katrin, a web and content creator with 20+ years experience in the consultancy industry. My work is strategic, not just pretty. And I speak to you in plain English (or German if preferred) when talking tech.

What I love most is to connect with my clients who have their unique way of working as an expert, consultant, coach or educator, and to apply my deep understanding of the consulting industry to their benefit when creating their state-of-the-art website or online consulting business.

Most of my clients have been in business for years but are now looking to upgrade their online presence. Some have experienced the frustration of DIY website builders, while others felt let down by larger agencies. Many have busy lives and struggle to keep up with the ever-changing online landscape, and that’s something I take care of for them.

My approach is straightforward which leads to a balanced choice of tech and design, budget-friendly packages and the exact level of client empowerment that is desired. I strive for an enjoyable collaboration to create a website that truly reflects your expertise as well as your personality – and sells your services because of that. 

Create like an artist. Solve like an engineer. Act like an entrepreneur.

This Is What My Clients Experienced Before Working With Me:

#1 - I pay for a DIY website builder (WIX, IONOS, Squarespace,...) but never reach launch day. It looked so easy at first but soon got really tricky. Tech-drama weekends...

#2 - My current website looks great but I never had a single enquiry from it. It’s a sleeping beauty I would say.

#3 - Selling online feels sleazy. I am super at what I do but find it difficult to sell my services.

#4 - No one even finds my website.

#5 - I bought online marketing programs for coaches on Facebook. They promised the world but nothing worked for me.

#6 - I want a professional looking website but what I have got so far is below standard. I am not sending people to my website.

#7 - I have spent a fortune on web design agencies. But they are not really interested in who I am, what I do and what I need.

#8 - I get enquiries from people I actually don't want to work with.

#9 - I don't want to learn all the tech stuff.

#10 - I need more than a web designer. A sparring partner who knows how to develop an online business would be great.

It’s time to change track! Let me create a website that is perfect for you and your business. No more struggling. No more wasting time and money. No more false promises and no online hype.

New How-To-Guides

All my best tips for consultants, coaches, experts & educators who want to successfully sell their services online.