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Web Design for Coaches and Consultants - Katrin Prakoonwit

A new website is an opportunity to get clear about what is most relevant to you and your potential clients. By working with me, you will get a sounding board and someone who puts a lot of your personality into that website so that it is true to your values and spirit.
Hi, I’m Katrin and I create websites that aren’t just pretty but strategic and with intention. Your intentions infuse your website visitors’ actions, converting them into your clients.

Signature Offer

Website In A Week

Get your new website out into the world within a week. Enjoy a painless, fast and budget-friendly process.

I create a professional website for you that truly reflects who you are and what you do but at the same time gets all the tech and sales aspects right – in a non-sleazy way. Website In A Week is an intense and very structured process that leads to great results in a very short period of time.

Website in a Week - Web Design for Coaches
Bespoke Website

Bespoke Websites

Build a digital home for your growing business. A bespoke website offers you unlimited options.

In a bespoke website project, we will co-create a website that is strategically designed for every aspect of your growing business. We will develop a triad of structure, visual appearance and wording that reflects your multifaceted expertise and offers. Background tech and website functionality will define an intentional client journey that transforms the way you acquire new clients online and serve them over time.

Social Media Kits

In the noisy social media world, your posts need to be scroll-stopping and consistent with your brand.

So if you need a little boost, then check out my new Social Media Kits! Get a choice of professionally designed templates for specific social media assets – posts, lead magnets, workbooks, presentation slides, and more – directly into your Canva account.

Power Hour

Book a 1-hour strategy session with me to audit your website and generate new ideas for your online presence.

We will focus on specific areas that you’re struggling with when it comes to your website: design, content, copy, client journey, sales, blogging, SEO … After our call, you will get a list of action points and you can email me if you need any more help to put them into practice.

Do Any Of These Top 7 Client Statements Sound Familiar To You Too?

#1 - I pay for a website builder platform but never reach launch day. It looked so easy at first but soon got really tricky. After a tech-drama weekend, I gave up.

#2 - My current website looks good but I never had a single enquiry from it. It’s a sleeping beauty I would say.

#3 - Selling online feels sleazy. I am super at what I do but find it difficult to sell my services.

#4 - No one even finds my website.

#5 - I want a modern and beautiful website but what I have got so far is below standard.

#6 - I bought several online marketing programs on Facebook. They promised the world but nothing worked for me.

#7 - I have spent a fortune on web design agencies. But they are not really interested in who I am, what I do and what I need. And whenever I want some small edits, it takes them ages to do so - but they send another bill straightaway.

It’s time to change track! Let me create a website that is perfect for you and your future clients. No more struggling. No more wasting time and money. No more false promises and online hype.

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